Setting the Board & Starting to Play 

The two players set up their pieces on opposing sides, securing each Forgó piece to the board with two pins. Light starts, or if playing with more than two players, a starting player is agreed upon, and game play flows clock-wise from there.
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Making a move

A move is best explained as the following four discrete steps. First, one of the two playing pieces is selected. Second, any point is selected as the pivot point, and a pin is inserted at this point. Third, the piece is rotated and the second pin is inserted into a hole on the game board through the rotated piece, completing the move. There are only two very simple limitations on moves, beyond the above:

  • Rotating 180 or 360 degrees around the center of a Forgó is not a valid move
  • You may not move back to where you had just moved from in your previous turn

Example Moves:


Forgo - Off the edge Forgo - not trapped - 1 Forgo - Dark response - 4

End Game

A player has lost when one of his Forgó game-pieces is unable to make a successful move at the start of their turn.

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